Gov’t asked to attach attention to equipping drug addicts with vocational skills

Members of the National Assembly have asked the government to attach attention to the rehabilitation of drug addicts and providing them with vocational training so that they can find jobs when released from the rehabilitation centres.
At the ongoing 4th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly on Friday, Minister of Public Security Gen. Vilay Lakhamfong briefed the National Assembly about the implementation of the National Agenda on Addressing Drug Problems and targets set for 2023.
The members of NA called on relevant authorities to raise public awareness, especially among risk groups including workers, students, young people and people in remote areas of the menace of narcotic drugs. Meanwhile the government was asked to improve mechanisms of coordination between investigating authorities, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the People’s Court and relevant authorities.
It was also asked to address overcrowding problems of district and provincial prisons and continue to cooperate with and mobilise support and assistance from international partners especially the neighboring countries that share borders with the Lao PDR for anti-drug efforts in the country.

Source: Lao News Agency