Govt Donates Millions Kip to Relieve Flood Victims in Oudomxay | Lao Tribune

Govt Donates Millions Kip to Relieve Flood Victims in Oudomxay

The government has provided 120 million kip to help tropical storm Sonca flood victims in Oudomxay Province.

The money was presented by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Bounkhong Lasoukhan to Governor of Oudomxay Province Phetsakhone Luang-aphay in Oudomxay Province on Aug 5.

The relief aid came from the emergency reserve of the government to help the flood victims in Oudomxay Province.

Currently, floods in Oudomxay province have made it difficult for villagers to return to normal life.

The floods destroyed homes, agriculture and people’s lives; some families have lost almost everything.

The disaster in Oudomxay province was described as the one of worse in the country’s history, killing a people.

Some families have relocated to a new area under instruction from authorities to ensure their safety in the event of another flood.

Several hundreds of hectares of farmland and low-lying areas in four southern and northern Provinces have been flooded as the tropical storm Sonca hit the provinces on Jul 26.

Despite the new location, some flood victims are suffering from post-traumatic stress.

During the flood, residents and emergency teams worked hand-in-hand to help villages recover from the disaster.

Source: Lao News Agency