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GSIS Touch app now available for pensioners based in Singapore, US

MANILA: The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) announced on Monday that its pensioners in the United States and Singapore can now access its mobile app, GSIS Touch, in compliance with the proof of life requirement dubbed Annual Pensioners Information Revalidation (APIR) and other transactions.

GSIS president and general manager Wick Veloso said this is in response to the clamor of pensioners abroad to allow them to experience the app’s innovative and convenient service.

‘This shows that we listen to our stakeholders and we value their insights and perspectives,” Veloso said.

According to the state pension fund’s data, GSIS pensioners in the US and Singapore comprise 78 percent of the 18,000 pensioners based abroad.

Upon downloading and registration, GSIS will send a one-time personal identification number to the pensioner’s email listed in the GSIS database to register.

In Singapore, GSIS Touch may be used by GSIS pensioners who have already downloaded the GSIS Touch and registered in the app.

he app has a facial recognition feature for APIR, making it seamless and convenient for pensioners to update their status without physically going to the GSIS.

Veloso said GSIS is currently working on making GSIS Touch available to pensioners in other parts of the world including Europe, Middle East, and Canada.

“The enhancements in the GSIS Touch underscores GSIS’s commitment to support the government’s digitalization initiatives, aiming for faster, broader and more convenient service,’ Veloso said.

Launched during the height of the pandemic in 2020 with an initial user base of 37,144 that grew to 1,095,452, the GSIS Touch enables users to generate tentative computations, apply for loans and claims and keep track of their premium remittances and loan payments.

It also caters to modern security needs, offering biometric login options such as fingerprint or facial recognition for users with smartphones with biometrics feature.

Source: Philippines News Agency