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Jowin, the Apple in Korea’s cancer treatment, expands their business globally

Jowin Shinhan Securities IPO

Jowin and Shinhan Securities IPO Agreement Signing Ceremony

  • Korea’s innovative venture company Jowin declares its expansion into the global cancer care market through the establishment of a global telemedicine platform.
  • A telemedicine platform for overseas patients with stage 4 and terminal cancer will be launched in the first half of this year.
  • It will provide remote, non-face-to-face treatments to cancer patients and foster local cansultants worldwide

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jowin, which has shown great results in clinical trials of many stage 4 and terminal cancer patients in Korea over the past few years, sets this year as its first year of entering the global cancer care market and will establish a global telemedicine platform that provides high-quality non-face-to-face care services to patients with stage 4 and terminal cancer.

Jowin plans to launch a telemedicine platform that can be accessed via its smartphone application in the first half of 2023. The platform will gradually expand into the global market after its first launch in Korea and Southeast Asian countries.

Jowin’s telemedicine platform will be available worldwide to cancer patients and caregivers. When the basic personal information and condition of a cancer patient is registered on the app, a “cansultant,” a counselor specializing in cancer patients at Jowin, reviews the patient’s medical record and provides them a consultation service for the patient’s current status and other factors. Afterward, the patient proceeds to a non-face-to-face medical examination with one of Jowin’s oriental doctors and receives a prescription as needed. Because emotional distress is another difficult battle that cancer patients experience, cansultants will provide therapy for areas such as fear of death, anxiety and concerns about relapse, an important service in telemedicine.

Through its telemedicine platform, Jowin will provide patients with a total solution that includes “UNBIJE,” a natural anti-cancer drug made from a natural mineral, “HiB&D,” a nutritional supplement exclusively for cancer patients, a protein supplement to support immunity and nutritional balance, and a “body temperature-raising mineral water” that has been filed to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

UNBIJE is a non-toxic bio-pharmaceutical developed by Jowin with the natural mineral “sericite,” which has shown great efficacy through clinical trials over the past several years. The mechanism of its cancer treatment efficacy was published in “Hindawi,” the internationally renowned SCI-grade journal for alternative medicine, in October 2022. Jowin owns a large-scale sericite mine, which allows it to use the mineral in production.

Soo-hyun Kim, chairman of Jowin, revealed the motivation behind the platform’s launch by saying, “I have been able to give hope to many cancer patients by treating those in Korea who have been abandoned by modern medicine through Jowin’s affiliated cancer hospital for numerous years. We wish to adopt the non-face-to-face telemedicine method to help overseas cancer patients connect with named doctors in the cancer treatment field in Korea.”

With the launch of its global telemedicine platform, Jowin plans to recruit partners in various countries. The partners will recruit and train local cansultants and cancer patients who are difficult to treat with modern medicine to provide them with telemedicine services or medical tours to excellent cancer treatment hospitals affiliated with Jowin in Korea. Those interested in the partnership can apply on Jowin’s website.

CEO Yeon-jeong Yoo, a doctor of medicine, said, “Jowin plans to supply its total cancer treatment solution, the front-runner in K-Medi, to other countries by actively forming partnerships with local companies as we have in Bangladesh.”



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