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Kenya launches 1st satellite into space after 3 failed attempts

Kenya on Saturday launched its first operational earth observation satellite Taifa-1 into space after three failed attempts. The initial launch, which was scheduled on April 10, was delayed several times due to bad weather with subsequent failed launch attempts throughout the week. Finally, on Saturday, the satellite was launched aboard a Falcon-9 rocket from Vandenberg Base, California, US, through collaboration with Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). Hope Deche, the lead ground communications engineer at the Kenya Space Agency, told Anadolu that it is an ‘incredible moment for all of us’ at the agency. ‘The launch of this satellite is a huge milestone for Kenya’s space industry, and we are excited about the possibilities it presents for our country’s future. We look forward to utilizing the data collected by Taifa-1 to benefit various sectors in Kenya,” Deche said. Taifa-1 is programmed to orbit the earth and fly over Kenya once every four days. Its cameras are designed to switch off once it leaves Kenyan borders for recharging. This will allow Taifa-1 to provide data for disaster management, environmental monitoring, and national security, according to the Kenya Space Agency. It said one of the primary objectives of the mission is to provide ‘precise and timely’ earth observation satellite data to stakeholders in various fields, including agriculture and food security.

Source: Philippines News Agency