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Km 40 Organic Farmers’ Group established

Tad Yuang Tourism Development Company has announced the establishment of the KM 40 Organic Farmers’ Group to promote commercial production of organic vegetables and fruits of KM 40 village, Paksong district, Champassak Province.

“The commercial farming of organic vegetables and fruits has plaid an important role in improving the living conditions of local people,” the meeting of the group was told on Wednesday, Jan 25.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Governor of Paksong district Sappathip Xayavong, Director of the Agriculture and Forestry Office of Paksong district Khamhou Moukdara, members of the group and representatives of relevant authorities.

President of the Tad Yuang Tourism Development Company and President of the KM 40 Organic Farmers’ Group Sonethida Ounaphom said, “Couple years ago, the Tad Yuang Tourism Development Company initiated the project, encouraging people in KM 40 village to form a group so that they and their fellows in nearby communities who are well-known for their hard working can generate more incomes and take part in developing Tad Yuang Waterfall in a participatory manner.”

“The villagers can generate secondary incomes from selling organic vegetables, fruits to the resort which can then be used for cooking healthy dishes for tourists, and to the Tadyeuang fresh market, or even to overseas market so that they can live a better life,” said Sonethida Ounaphom.

The group has 60 member families and comprises 4 sup groups of vegetable and fruit farmers. Most of its agricultural produce are planted in members’ coffee farmlands with a total area of 87 ha and sold to the Tadyeuang Tourism Development company at guaranteed prices.

The group has supplied more than 48 tonnes of vegetables and fruits to the company over the past 12 months.

Currently the group can supply only 24 kinds of agricultural products including 18 kinds of vegetables and 5 kinds of fruits to the company along with charcoal although the company needs to buy up to 44 kinds of vegetable and fruits from the group every month.

Besides from the incomes of selling their agricultural products, the member families are also given 200 kip per each kilo of vegetable and fruits they sell as their social security fund (10 million kip).

Source: Lao News Agency