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Lao Food Festival Attracts More Tourists than Last Year

The annual festival is organized every year with aim of promoting Lao women business units, food cooking shops and restaurant operators in Vientiane Capital and the provinces by encouraging people to bring their products for exhibition and sale, President of the Lao Businesswomen’s Association, Mrs Chanthachone Vongsay said at the opening ceremony of 12th Lao Food Festival.

The festival will provide an opportunity for chefs to meet each other to exchange lessons and experiences on cuisine. Lao women are deemed to be great contributors to the commercial production process by expanding marketing and responding to the market demands, she went on.

This year, there are 178 booths displaying and selling at the12th Lao Food Festival. Out of the total booths, 95 feature Lao foods, 27 consist of handicrafts and jewelry, 18 offer international food choices, and 17 are selling soft drinks or other products.

During the event, the organizing committee also awarded prizes to the winners of the Lao cooking contest, “Mok Kai Lath Dish”, or native chicken steamed in banana leaf, a Lao traditional dish.

Ms Vanmanyvone Lueangbounkham, a student from the Lanith Institute won the Lao cooking contest and received 3 million kip in cash. Ms Bang Keovy, also a student from the Lanith Institute, won second prize and was awarded 2 million kip.

The third prize was awarded to Ms Sonethith Manykham, a student from the Garment Skills Development Center, who received 1.5 million kip.

Source: Lao News Agency