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Lao Govt Officials Enrich English Skill

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded a two-week training course on English Language for Interpreters for 28 Lao government officials from July 24 to August 4 2017.

The course, which was held at the Lao-Singapore Training Centre, was conducted by Mr Sasidharan Sunkanu of Singapore training company, Green Olive Tree.

Through a mix of lectures, interactive activitiesand experiential simulation exercises, the course equipped participants with the English language skills to function as an interpreter in regional large-scale events in the ASEAN context. Participants were trained to convey key ideas accurately and clearly and taught appropriate vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures for use in meetings such as ASEAN Summit and APEC Summit.

The course was conducted pursuant to the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI). Under the IAI, Singapore conducts 20 to 30 courses a year at the Lao-Singapore Training Centre, focusing on areas of public governance, finance, urban management, hospitality and tourism, civil aviation, as well as IT skills and the English Language.

About 600 Lao officials are trained each year and more than 12,500 Lao government officials have benefited from the Ministry’s various training programmes under the Singapore Cooperation Programme since 1993.

Source: Lao News Agency