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Lao Telecom Contributes over 4 bln kip to Help Society

Lao Telecom, the leading telecom company, has so far last year contributed over 4 billion kip (about US$486,000) to help society and the public sector, according to the Director General of Lao Telecom, Mr Thavone Somsakoun.

The annual meeting 2016 of Lao Telecom was held on February 8 in Vientiane Capital and drew over 370 representatives from each branch nationwide.

Last year, Lao Telecom also invested more than US$44 million in the expansion of its network across the country, according to Mr Thavone.

Currently, over 1.5 million cell phone customers, over 40,000 fixed telephones, over 500,000 Winphones, and almost 900,000 internet customers are using with the Lao Telecom network, according to Mr Thansamay.

Lao Telecom had income over 1.8 trillion kip (almost US$219 million), an increase of 9% from year 2015, and net profit of 365 billion kip (almost US$44.4 million).

The company paid over 498 billion kip in tax to the government last year.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Mr Thansamay Kommasith.

This year, Lao Telecom will strive to reach over 3.2 million customers and make income of over 1.9 trillion kip. It will also pay over 542 billion kip to the government, according to the company’s plan.

Source: Lao News Agency