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Lao, Thai Media Share Ideas on Consumer Protection

More than 150 people representing government networks, the public sector and civil society organisations, and media in Laos and Thailand met in Nan, Thailand last week to seek ways to better protect consumers of products and broadcasting media.

The seminar was sponsored by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand and is considered an initiative designed for media organizations in the two countries to share experiences and lessons on consumer protection.

“Lao people watch Thai channels. Since we understand the language of each other, misinformation can be absorbed by the other easily. This is the shared problem of consumers in our countries,” said Dr Radee Thanarak, Director of the Institute of ASEAN Studies, Uttaradit Rejabhat University.

“Initially, Lao and Thai media may establish a network through which we can exchange information. We may ask the other a question about problems happening in the other country using online means or creating a webpage where members of the general public can view useful information so they can be better protected,” said Dr Radee.

“Laos has been active in protecting consumers as we have access to the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection,” said Mr Phongsavanh Vongvilay, Representative of the Consumer Protection and Competition Department, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Laos.

“Laos and Thailand are facing similar online and social media problems as these kinds of media have both advantages and disadvantages for both consumers and the media itself,” said Mr Phongsavanh.

Source: Lao News Agency