Lao, Vietnamese national news agencies strengthen comprehensive cooperation

During the working visit to Vietnam between July 20 and 26, Comrade Khampheuy Philapha, Director General of Lao News Agency (KPL) and his delegation held a meeting with Comrade Vu Viet Trang, Director General of Vietnam News Agency (VNA) and her delegation. The meeting aimed to enhance the longstanding bilateral relations and cooperation between the two national news agencies.

Expressing a warm welcome to the KPL delegation, Comrade Vo Viet Trang informed the guests about the performance of VNA over the past years and VNA’s cooperation with 40 national news agencies, international news organisations and its cooperation within international frameworks.

“The relations and cooperation between the Lao and Vietnamese news agencies has always been effectively promoted,” said Comrade Vu Viet Trang.

Comrade Vu Viet Trang proposed that the two national news agencies should promote their popularization of their national socio-economic development in all areas to contribute to strengthening the special solidarity between Vietnam and Laos.

She expressed her hope that KPL will continue to extend assistance to reporters of VNA based in the Lao PDR as well as VNA journalists, editors who will be dispatched to Laos to cover major events in 2024 when the Lao PDR resumes its ASEAN chairmanship.

She said that the Vietnam Pictorial of VNA will continue to be printed and the Lao language website of VNA will continue to be operational to promote the great relations, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos.

In reply, Comrade Khampheuy Philapha highly valued the relations and cooperation between the two news agencies which is based on the great relations, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Laos and Vietnam which is increasingly thriving.

He informed the host of the reshuffle at KPL and KPL’s efforts to catch up with the current trend of the world media industry, pursuing its key role in popularizing the socio-economic development in the Lao PDR through using conventional and new media tools.

Professional equipment provided by VNA and KPL’s studio built with grant assistance from VNA have been used effectively. KPL considers that its longstanding cooperation with VNA has been fruitful.

In recent years, KPL and VNA have helped each other to popularize the relations and cooperation between Laos and Vietnam and the role of the Lao PDR in regional and international arenas.

Last year, as the two countries were celebrating Laos-Vietnam, Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Solidarity Year, the two news agencies popularized the national socio-economic development of the two countries as well as the celebration of two historic days – the 45th anniversary of the signing of Laos-Vietnam Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (Aug 18, 1977-2022) and the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations (Sep 5, 1962 – 2022). The two agencies also organised photo exhibitions to mark the historic days in Vientiane and Hanoi.

On this occasion, Comrade Khampheuy Philapha extended invitation to Comrade Vu Viet Trang to pay a working visit to Laos in 2024, and proposed both sides to continue to promote cooperation.

He asked VNA to further provide assistance and support to KPL and help it popularise major events in Laos in 2024 when the country resumes ASEAN chairmanship.

He also expressed profound gratitude to VNA for its provision of assistance and support to KPL, both in the past and during the current time of national development. He also wished the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, governments and peoples of Laos and Vietnam as well as between KPL and VNA to be everlasting.

Source: Lao News Agency