Lawmakers discuss a new law on museums

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Suanesavanh Vignaket proposed to the ongoing 4th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly today a new law on museums for consideration of approval.
The legislation aims to promote the conservation and protection of ancient artifacts and development of museums.
“If approved, this law will become a fundament tool for the management, implementation of relevant works and making domestic people and foreigners better understand the policy of the Party and government on the management of museums, collections; the conservation, protection and promotion of exhibition materials, cultural and historical treasures,” Mrs Suanesavanh told the meeting chaired by Vice President of the National Assembly Khambai Damlat.
The minister said that the law will help attract assistance from domestic and international communities for the conservation of museums in the Lao PDR.
Lawmakers are expected to discuss through the end of this month the adoption of three new laws – on passports, waterways and museums – and amendments to laws on lawyers, court registry, prevention and control of infectious diseases, enterprises, science and technology, military prosecutor’s office, and electronic transactions.

Source: Lao News Agency