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Leaders Extended National Day Wishes

(KPL) President Bounnhang Vorachit, Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, Vice President Phankham Viphavanh and other state and government leaders on Monday received a courtesy call from diplomatic corps and representatives of international organizations and their spouses to extend wishes on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Lao PDR’s national day.

As the dean of the foreign ambassadors and the representatives of the international organizations in the Lao PDR, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Lao PDR Mikhail Baranov expressed congratulations upon the achievements the Lao PDR has made over the past 43 years of its national protection and development.

In reply, President Bounnhang noted that over the past 43 years the entire Lao people have been proud to learn that under the leadership of the Party and government, the Lao PDR has overcome countless obstacles and difficulties and recorded noticeable achievements in a number of areas. Notably, the Lao PDR has strong political stability, peace and order are maintained in the society, the national economy has enjoyed constant development with annual GDP growing at satisfactory rate and expected to reach 6.5% by the end of this year, per capita income rising constantly, people living standards improved constantly, rule of law improved and strengthened gradually.

The President also expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the Party, government and people of the Lao PDR to the international community and organizations for their support and assistance to the Lao PDR during its cause of national protection and development over the past years.

The Lao PDR would like to reiterate its political intent and commitment to work with the international community to cope with and address challenges emerging at the regional and international levels, especially basic needs for building a favourable environment of peace for national development and the improvement of the living conditions of the global population. In addition, the Lao PDR always stands ready to enhance cooperation with the world’s nations in potentially advantageous areas on the win-win basis. This constitutes a key factor in helping make Laos a nation connected in the sub region and helping the Lao PDR graduate from poverty and the least developed country status in the near future, said President Bounnhang.

Source: Lao News Agency