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Lottery to Be Sold Every Wednesday

The Lao Development Lottery State Enterprise has announced on Thursday that as on August 30 its lottery will be sold on Wednesday only and the lottery draw will be held at 20 hours on the day.

The Prime Minister’s Office on Aug 20 issued an announcement stating the reduction of the frequency of the Lao Development Lottery draws from twice to once a week.

The decision on halving the lottery draw frequency has been made by the government after the public had shared complaints mostly through social media about social issues related to the issuance of lottery.

The government announcement also stops Sport Lottery and SMS Lottery as well as Bingo and Loto lotteries from being implemented.

The announcement also states no more Scratch Lottery tickets shall be circulated after the existing ones have been sold out in limited sales outlets and bans the sales and import of foreign lottery tickets.

Between October 2016 and prior to the announcement by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Lao lottery tickets were sold twice a week – Monday and Thursday – by the Lao Development Lottery State Enterprise.

Source: Lao News Agency