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‘Love the Philippines’ viral video under ‘exhaustive’ probe

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has ordered an ‘exhaustive investigation’ on the recently released promotional video of the ‘Love the Philippines’ campaign after it went viral for allegedly using stock video footage shot overseas. ‘As one of the many other forthcoming components of the launch of the enhanced tourism campaign, the DOT’s contracted agency, DDB Philippines, prepared and published an audio-visual presentation (AVP) which has recently been the subject of scrutiny on the alleged use of non-original shots in certain parts of the AVP,’ according to a statement released late Saturday and posted on the Facebook account of DOT Secretary Christina Frasco. ‘The DOT is currently conducting an exhaustive investigation to determine the veracity of, and to gather the full faculty of facts on, these allegations.’ The DOT said it repeatedly sought confirmation from DDB on the originality and ownership of all materials contained in the video and key visuals it presented during previous consultations. ‘In all these occasions, DDB repeatedly assured the DOT that the originality and ownership of all materials are in order,’ it said. DDB Philippines won the contract to develop the updated branding campaign that replaced the previous tourism slogan ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’. Frasco earlier said the campaign, including the entire study, coming up with a logo, and other components, had cost PHP49 million. The DOT, however, clarified that no public fund was spent in the production of the viral AVP ‘as this particular component of the launch was released on the account of DDB.’ Emphasizing its commitment to promoting Philippine tourism to the ‘highest standard,’ the DOT said it ‘will not hesitate to exact accountability and take the necessary action to protect the interest of the country.’ Blogger Sass Sasot, in a Facebook post Saturday, pointed out that at least six of the clips featured in the ‘Love the Philippines’ promotional video are not located in the country and were sourced from stock video footage site Storyblocks.

Source: Philippines News Agency