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Luang Namtha Expects to Double Latex Exports

Luang Namtha is expected to record a double increase in latex export as so far this year the export of latex has reached 11,131 tonnes, valued at 17.8 million US dollars, according to a local official.

The rubber plantations in Luang Namtha are estimated at almost 34,000 ha. Latex is one of the key exports of the province with last year’s latex export recorded at over 20,000 tonnes, worth close to 20 million US dollars.

In 2016, the goods export of the province was worth more than 45 million US dollars with latex export sharing 40 percent of the total export value, and the latex export value of the Yunnan Rubber Investment Company was valued at more than 18 million US dollars, said Somphone Sipaseuth, Head of the Import and Export Section, Luang Namtha Provincial Department of Industry and Commerce.

For several years our company had one latex factory with a production capacity of 20,000 tonnes. However, the tapped latex has been increasing and the area of tapping farms is increasing and rubber trees produce more latex so we built one more factory this year. In combination these factories have a production capacity of up to 40,000 tonnes of latex, said Deputy Director of Yunnan Latex Investment Company Ms Manila.

Source: Lao News Agency