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Minister of Education orders schools closed through May 5

The Minister of Education and Sports has ordered schools, universities and educational institutes of both public and private sector in Vientiane to close between Apr 22 and May 5.

In the order signed on Apr 21, Minister Phouth Simmalavong urged educational and sports administrators at all levels to attach greater attention to disseminating information on and educating civil servants, teachers, students, athletes about the danger of Covid-19 and how to self prevent and control the disease and the reasons for the government to impose anti-Covid measures.

In the meantime distance learning through using Teaching-Learning Platforms such as https://laos.learningpassport.unicef.org (for pre-schools up to secondary schools), and social media tools including Whatsapp, Messenger, Line, Zoom, Webex, Skype, Microsoft Team, among others, (for vocational training centres, pedagogical schools, teacher training colleges, and universities) are recommended as teaching alternatives to regular classes.

He asked relevant offices, Vientiane Department of Education and Sports and educational institutes across Vientiane to reduce the number of officials standby at workplaces by using a work-from-home and office rotation schedule, and observe covid-prevention measures including hand washing with soap and hand gels, wearing face masks, thermal testing, and workplace cleaning.

Organizations under the umbrella of the Education and Sports sector are prohibited from organizing meetings, seminars, training sessions or any activities with more than 20 participants.

All indoor and outdoor sport activities are prohibited.

Relevant officials must record name and workplace of the civil servants or those visiting educational facilities or students who have temperature of 37.5•c or higher or have had close contact with family and friends infected with Covid-19 before telling them to return home and see doctors or visit Covid test centres the government has designated.

Source: Lao News Agency