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Ministry of Health asked to Better Supervise Standby Medical Workers

A member of the National Assembly (NA) has proposed that the Ministry of Health (MOH) pay closer attention to the performance of standby doctors at hospitals as they tend to substitute themselves with intern students who lack experience in providing medical care, especially in cases of emergency.

Vice President of the Lao Front for National Construction Ms Khamchan Phomsengsavanh told the NA’s ongoing second ordinary session last week that most medical workers on standby at hospitals are not skilled doctors but intern students who are unable to provide medical care to patients in critical conditions.

Problems about the service of intern students at public hospitals have become a topic frequently talked about by the public as they usually fail to provide medical treatment to patients in need of medical treatment when experienced doctors are away from the hospitals.

At the NA meeting, Ms Ms Khamchan also urged the MOH to inspect advisements by private hospitals or clinics across the country, especially in Vientiane Capital, as they tend to overstate their medical capabilities.

She also raised concerns about the pros and cons of private hospitals compared to public hospitals.

“Private hospitals and clinics, especially those in Vientiane, tend to be very expensive. On the other hand, public hospitals provide medical care at cheaper prices, but their medical workers sometimes treat patients in an unethical manner, using impolite words or providing poor services to their patients,” said Ms Khamchan.

Source: Lao News Agency