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More efforts urged for human trafficking prevention

Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Steering Committee on Human Trafficking Gen. Vilay Lakhamfong has urged human trafficking committees of all sectors to pay attention to prevention efforts against human trafficking.

Addressing an annual meeting on human trafficking prevention held in Vientiane on Jan 17, Gen. Vilay asked human trafficking authorities to take into account efforts that are not in line with relevant decrees and laws, and the allocation of human resources for the victim reception centre for northern Laos in Luang Namtha and human trafficking police personnel to border gates.

He called on relevant authorities to implement in a more effective manner the national action plan on human trafficking prevention phase III (2021-2025) and focus on raising public awareness of the danger of human trafficking and ensuring prosecution against such a crime is strict, decisive, and transparent.

He also called on relevant authorities to strengthen their collaboration and external cooperation to ensure prompt help and assistance can be provided to human trafficking victims.

“Human trafficking is a severe crime taking place in the country and abroad, a crime that severely violates fundamental human rights and poses direct physical and mental impacts on victims and their families. It’s a social ill affecting society and national development,” said DPM Vilay Lakhamfong.

Human trafficking ranks third in terms of illicit profit after illegal drug trafficking and arms trading.

According to estimates of international anti-criminal organizations, 45.8 million people, including 10 million children, fall victim to human trafficking every year.

Last year, although Covid-19 prompted closure of international border gates, crimes continued to happen and in more complicated forms such as forced labour, sexual exploitation, surrogacy, and sexual abuses on social media.

Notably, in 2022 ads on social media and brokers lured many domestic and foreign people into false promises of jobs at the golden triangle area in Bokeo.

Source: Lao News Agency