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Nam Theun 2 Donates Garbage Truck to Nakai District

The Nam Theun 2 Power Company has donated a garbage truck, worth almost 500 million kip (US$60,000) to the administration of Nakai district, Khammuan Province to promote sanitation and environmental protection in the district.

The handover ceremony for the donated truck took place in Nhommalath district where Chief Executive Officer Mr. Frederic HOFMANN of the Nam Theun 2 Power Company, representing the company, presented the truck to Deputy Chief of Nakai district Mr. Thonekeo Chanthavong.

The handover took place in the presence of representatives of relevant authorities.

At the handover ceremony Mr. Thonekeo Chanthavong expressed thanks to Nam Theun 2 Power Company upon its generous support and assured the donor that the truck would be used effectively for garbage disposal purposes to help local people avoid disposing of their garbage by burning or littering.

The authorities of Nakai district are in the process of relocating the landfill of the district outside the centre of administration of the district, which is currently located at Oudomxouk village.

Source: Lao News Agency