National action month against domestic violence to run through June

Hanoi: The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has urged ministries, sectors, organisations and local authorities to observe the National Action Month for Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence in 2024, themed ‘End Violence, Cultivate Love,’ running through June.

This activity aims to raise awareness and responsibility of agencies, organisations and individuals regarding the prevention and control of domestic violence, and to build equal, progressive, and happy Vietnamese families.

Key messages and slogans for National Action Month emphasise collective responsibility in curbing domestic violence, viewing it as crucial for sustainable development.

Encouraging individuals, families and communities to play active roles in prevention and intervention, the campaign stresses that any hindrance to reporting domestic violence is unlawful.

Further messages underscore the imperative to identify, prevent and address all forms of domestic violence, recognising its detrimental impact on family dynamics and s
ocietal well-being, including contributing to divorce rates, coercive reproductive practices, elder neglect, and hindering children’s educational and holistic development.

Communication strategies during the month-long campaign include rallies, competitions, seminars and media campaigns through television, newspapers, social platforms and text messages.

Additionally, banners and posters will be prominently displayed at various public locations frequented by communities, ensuring widespread visibility and engagement.

To tailor efforts effectively, central ministries, sectors, and local authorities will align strategies with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s directives and local contexts, employing diverse approaches to disseminate legal frameworks on domestic violence prevention and control to all levels of society./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency