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National portal for extended producer responsibility put into operation

Hanoi: The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has announced the official operation of the national portal for extended producer responsibility (EPR), supporting manufacturers and importers in registering, declaring, and reporting their activities.

EPR entails manufacturers and importers taking responsibility for managing the disposal of their product packaging when it is discarded into the environment. Currently, there are over 400 different EPR systems implemented worldwide.

Via the portal,, the groups subject to EPR obligations in recycling their products and packaging and in handling waste as stipulated in Article 54 and 55 of the 2020 Environmental Protection Law are now able to register, declare, and report their compliance with product-packaging recycle and waste management responsibilities online starting January 29, instead of submitting paper documents to the ministry.

Furthermore, they can access the website to be updated on legal regulations and receive legal

According to the roadmap in Vietnam, manufacturers and importers must fulfill their recycling responsibilities for tires, lead-acid batteries, lubricants, and products with packaging starting from January 1, 2024; for electrical and electronic products from the first day of 2025, and for transport vehicles (motorbikes and automobiles) from January 1, 2027./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency