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Newton International Readies to Help Firms Penetrate New Markets

An experienced consulting firm, Newton International, has announced that it is more than happy to help both Lao and overseas companies access new markets and investment opportunities and ensure their sustainable business growth.

“We provide consulting assistance to both Lao and foreign clients in a wide range of business sectors including construction, furniture, airlines, hotels, goods, export and import, and paralegal services,” said the Chairman of Newton International, Mr Nhai Khouvongsa.

“We can help Lao businessmen expand their market abroad, especially in Indonesia, because it has a big market in the sectors of manufacturing, agriculture, handicraft, and medicine. On the other hand, our company welcomes foreign businessmen who want to invest in Laos in the fields they are interested in,” Mr Nhai pointed out.

“Consultancy services are very important for your companies because they help your business grow, make more profit, penetrate more markets, improve product and service quality, satisfy customers, and meet market demands,” said Mr Ngai.

Besides consulting services, Sikhottabong-based Newton International also provides financial assistance for soft loan seekers.

“We have built a firm attracting, supporting and retaining exceptional people and help clients in the commercial, social, private and public sectors in identifying their goals and opportunities, and addressing their needs and challenges with strategic decisions, practical actions, due diligence and differentiating capabilities to deliver expected values and desired results,” said Mr Nhai.

Source: Lao News Agency