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PBBM seeks LGUs’ help to attain dev’t goals, ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ vision

MANILA: President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday urged the local executives to help his administration in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the vision of a ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ (New Philippines).

Marcos made the call during the League of Municipalities of the Philippines’ (LMP) general assembly at the Manila Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, as he acknowledged the local governments’ vital role in realizing the SDGs.

He said local government units understand the situation in their respective localities ‘better than anybody else.’

‘Municipalities are not the last outposts of government. Rather, they form the frontlines of government service. You are the first responders to all our people, especially those in need. Municipalities are not mere implementors of national progress because you too can initiate your own programs,’ Marcos said.

‘Municipalities should not be treated as passive receivers of projects from the national government. You must actively incubate your own initiatives,
your own projects because programs developed by municipalities from below, by leaders who know the conditions on the ground, are better than those policies that are dictated from above,’ he added.

Marcos said the SDGs can only be achieved through unified action, stressing that a ‘better’ and ‘new’ Philippines is achievable with the help of the local government units (LGUs).

Amid the efforts to implement the global goals at the local level, Marcos said the ‘best thing’ to do is ‘to touch base with local chief executives.’

‘Each LGU has its own strength and limitations we must all taken into account. Each LGU must act but always in accordance with its capabilities and the needs of its people. Each LGU has a unique vantage point in localizing the SDGs,’ he said. ‘And this is how we should view our 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is our commitment to solving the problems of today, while ensuring a better tomorrow.’

Marcos said that while the international and national agencies have the ‘bigger picture’ f
or the attainment of global goals, local officials have the ‘clearer lens to craft and implement programs and projects that are aligned with the SDGs to improve the quality of life of [their] constituents.’

He also assured LGUs of the national government’s support, considering that they are ‘agents of positive change towards sustainable development.’

Marcos made the commitment, as he recognized that the 17 SDGs will fuel growth in the country and uplift the lives of the Filipino people.

‘The national government cannot act alone. It must harness the power of LGUs, as well as civil society organizations, the private sector, and communities, towards achieving the SDGs within the committed timeline,’ Marcos said.

‘Only by working together, one municipality at a time, can we build a better Philippines and bring the Bagong Pilipinas into fruition. And this is where the localization of the SDGs matters. The best practice is to learn from each other while adapting to context,’ he added.

About 1,058 municipal may
ors attended the general assembly which carried the theme, ‘SDGs Localization: Pathway to Sustainable Municipal Development.’

The event features collaborative sessions that engage national government agencies, non-governmental organizations and municipal mayors to advance the SDGs locally.

The goals are aligned with the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028, reinforcing Marcos’ eight-point socioeconomic agenda.

Source: Philippines News Agency