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Phu Bia Mining Contributes To Poverty Reduction

(KPL) Phu Bia Mining (PBM) Company has contributed to improving the living standards of villagers in Nam Gnon and Nam Mo, Anouvong district, Xaysomboun Province.

In development perspectives, Phu Bia Mining plays an important role in supporting poverty reduction efforts in local communities, thus helping realise the poverty reduction plan of the government by providing sustainable sources of income through the growth of Phu Bia Mining’s community business initiatives.

The company is focusing on three main sectors namely education, health and agriculture. Since its inception in 2016, Phu Bia Mining has funded several community development activities including building schools, organizing summer tutoring programmes where chemistry, mathematics, Lao language and literature are taught to students to get them ready for the next school year, providing agricultural training and building healthcare centres.

With Phu Bia’s health initiatives, on annual basis local villagers receive free checks-up and health education from a mobile medical team.

”We are very glad to have new school and see the social development committee of the company working hard to build school for our village thus bringing a new face to our education,” said Director of the Nam Mo Village Secondary School Committee.

The new school of Nam Mo village consists of three buildings with a total of 13 classrooms. The school offers six of seven schooling years required for secondary education. The school has 32 teachers with more than 480 students enrolled.

Mr. Duangchay Yanong, Head of PBM’s Social Development Committee said that he was happy to be involved in developing local communities. Local villagers not only benefit from the corporate development contributions, but also from the work culture the company has observed.

The work culture that we have observed is now adopted by local people as this can be proven by the change in the way they think,” said Duangchay.

With proceeds from selling goods to Phu Bia Mining, locals can buy food, pay school expenses for their children and open accounts with banks to help stabilize their family financial status.

In addition, to promote employment in the local communities, the company employs up to over 3,300 people with Lao nationals representing 91% of the workforce.

PanAust Limited holds a 90% share stake at Phu Bia Mining (PBM) Company. Meanwhile, the Lao government holds the rest.

Source: Lao News Agency