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President extends New Year wishes to Lao people

Party Secretary General and State President Thongloun Sisoulith on Dec 30 delivered a speech extending wishes to all Lao people on the occasion of international New Year 2023.
My countrymen, year 2022 witnessed us facing a number of difficulties and challenges, including the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic and severe economic and financial difficulties. However, with the unity of the entire Party, state and the entire Lao people as well as the support and assistance from friendly countries, we have made to addressed the problems basically, saving the country from falling into a severe crisis, allowing the country to enjoy strong political stability, society to enjoy peace, economy to enjoy a gradual and constant recovery. These have laid fundamental basis for our country’s economy to grow over years to come.
As for the year 2023, we will continue to overcome such challenges and obstacles. Therefore, I call on all the Lao people, both in the country and abroad to focus all mental and physical efforts and courage on achieving our cause of national protection and development as planned, leading our country to a new step of development, with people enjoying peacefulness, society enjoying unstoppable peace and civilization.
On the occasion of welcoming New Year 2023, on behalf of the Party and government leaders and on my own behalf, I would like to extend best wishes to all Lao people both in the country and abroad a good health, happiness and continue to carry out your tasks with new and greater success thus elevating our country to new heights of development.
May the celebration of International New Year 2023 be full of joy and peace and safety, “Happy New Year 2023”.

Source: Lao News Agency