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Prime Minister Urges Huaphan Province to Promote Education

Prime Minister, Thongloun Sisoulith has urged the authorities of Huaphan Province to focus more energy on promoting education to achieve the government’s target.

“Education is critical and a key factor for the development of human resources, as well as a highly efficient and effective indicator of national socio-economic development,” explained Mr Thongloun at a meeting on December 22 in Huaphan Province.

“The government has opened the door to domestic and foreign investment in the education sector and has mobilized support and assistance from both ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries for education and human resource development in the Lao PDR,” added Prime Minister Thongloun.

At the meeting, Governor of Houaphan Province Mr Vanhxay Phengsoumma reported that economic growth has increased every year and local people have now achieved an average income of over 7.3 million kip (almost US$900) per year.

Mr Vanhxay also pointed out that currently, over 460 villages have access to electricity, over 600 villages are using clean water, and the number of poor households has decreased to 22% of all families within Huaphan Province.

He also reported that the agriculture and forestry sector increased 4.12 percent, the industry sector increased 11.62 percent, and the service sector increased 11.64 percent.

Prime Minister Thongloun also urged local authorities to promote the commercial production of agriculture and animal husbandry among local people.

Source: Lao News Agency