rock space Launched Innovative New Products For “Cellphone Beautify Customization”

Shenzen, China (ANTARA/BusinessWire)- In April 2023, rock space launched two innovative new products for “CellphoneBeautify Customization”- A phone skin printer for customizing phone back films and a heat transfer machine for customizing phone cases, which are worked with rock space film cutting machine to help consumers achieve on-site customization and help stores attract customers. As a professional solution provider, rock space’s star product “film cutting machine” has provided protective film customization services for 55,000 stores globally.It is said that users only need to scan the QR code on the machine to select the model and pattern for customization. They can choose from rock space official image library or upload their own favorite images, such as landscape photos, pet photos, and portraits, to easily achieve personalization. rock space phone skin printer can print exclusive patterns in 79 seconds, and then the back film can be cutting on-demand per model by rock space film cutting machine. The phone skin printer adopts thermal sublimation printing technology with high image restoration, and the back film is treated with matte finish to be scratch-resistant and waterproof. rock space heat transfer machine adopts 3D vacuum sublimation technology to transfer the printed film pattern onto a blank case, making the entire pattern more stereoscopic and beautiful with HD image and delicate details. With the increasing frequency of replacing phone cases by customers, many brands have taken advantage of this trend and launched customized products and services related to phone cases and films. However, offline stores still face multiple problems such as limited device models, difficult inventory management and customer acquisition. In addition, users have no access to choose their personal photos and their customization demands cannot be met. Under the business model of “Cellphone Beautify Customization”, retail stores only need to stock consumables, and the patterns are customized on site by consumers, which is undoubtedly a good helper for attracting customers. Different from the traditional factory production, it reduces inventory backlog and operational costs for stores. It’s a win-win situation because users can experience the joy of customization and stores can achieve increased customers and revenue. Contacts Celine Yang Tel: +86-136 6267 5993 Source: rock space

Source: Antara News Agency