Solon calls for digitalization of nat’l licensure exams

The digitalization of the Bar examinations should prompt the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to modernize other licensure exams, according to Northern Samar 1st District Rep. Paul Daza on Tuesday. At the same time, he congratulated the successful November 2022 Bar candidates and commended the ‘steadily improving’ passing rate of the exam. He also commended the Supreme Court ‘for the ongoing reforms implementation, including the digitization of the Bar examinations.’ ‘I hope that these positive developments encourage the Professional Regulation Commission to ramp up the modernization of other licensure exams,’ Daza said in a statement. Daza is hoping that through the digitalization and modernization of licensure processes, the country will continue to produce competitive professionals. He earlier urged the PRC, Commission on Higher Education and Board of Nursing to reassess ‘flaws in the licensure framework with its complicated, almost archaic regulations.’ Daza also called on the government to solve the growing problem of Philippine nurses choosing to work abroad, resulting in a shortage. ‘Let us, by all means, continue to raise the standard for Filipino skills but let’s not compromise when it comes to being inclusive,’ Daza said. ‘We are stewards of the next generation of Filipino talent. We must empower all those who seek to be professionals and serve our country, regardless of social status or physical condition,’ he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency