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Udon Thani Durian Festival Attracts Tourists

Thailand’s Udon Thani province has organised the King Fruit Paradise of Thailand: Durian Festival Udon Thani at Meung Thong Fruit Market on June 28 until September 15 to promote Thai fruits and attract tourists to the province.

The government of Thailand drives the economy by focusing on the strengthening of the domestic economy. This policy is to help entrepreneurs and consumers to sell and purchase good quality products, stimulate the domestic economy and also promote tourism in the province, said Sonthirat Sonthichirawong, the Vice Minister of Commerce.

The Magnet Market is a way of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand to accumulate and distribute quality goods and high market purchasing. The Magnet Market is an important mechanism that links the production, consumption and tourism in accordance with the government’s policy on spurring the regional economy and help the growing national economy, said Mr Sonthirat.

King Fruit Paradise of Thailand: Durian festival at Udon Thani took place in Udon Thani because it is centrally located and is easily accessible to tourists from the northeast of Thailand, as well as from neighboring countries.

A buffet of durian and fruits is available at the price of 399 baht per person. The buffet is held twice a day over the duration of the festival, at 12:30, 16:00 and 18:30.

The fruit buffet consists of mangosteen, mango, rambutan, lychee, papaya, melon and longan, dragon fruit and other fruits.

This year also has dishes with fruits as their main ingredients, including sticky rice and mango and sticky rice and durian.

Similar events have so far been held in Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok.

Udon Thani is set to become a centre of organic goods distribution in Isaan � the northeastern part of Thailand.

Source: Lao News Agency