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Unforgettable Buddhist Mountain in Southern Anhui

Buddhist Mountain in Southern Anhui Province is one of the most famous scenic spots in China and the region.

I am very happy to have a chance to visit Buddhist Mountain in Chizhou city, Anhui province though before my trip to the province I never knew that China had such a beautiful Buddhist Mountain.

More than 30 representatives of media from ASEAN countries and China have participated in the ASEAN and Chinese Media Tour in southern Anhui Province between May 18 and 24.

The trip was organized by the Propaganda Department of Anhui Province Committee, the ASEAN�China Centre, the Anhui Province People’s Government Information Office, the China International Broadcast Station Southeast Area Broadcast Center, and the ASEAN Finance magazine.

Jiuhua Mountain is one of the Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China, it is renowned both inside and outside the country for its Buddhist culture and beautiful landscape, and is also known well as Lotus Land of Buddha.

The Huangshan Buddhist Mountain was built into a national green tourism demonstration base and it has an area of 1,200 square kilometers. Buddhist Mountain offers tourists beautiful sceneries with every step throughout the year, a local Chinese guide said.

Buddhist Mountain is not only famous for its natural wonders and beautiful scenery, but also a world-class scenic spot and natural heritage with great value when it comes to scientific research and ecological environment.

In 1990, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And in 2004, it was among the first to be listed as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Most Chinese people come here to ask for blessing from Buddha because they believe that the blessing from Buddhist Mountain will make them rich in the future.

There are over 90 temples on the mountain and over 6,000 statues of Buddha, some of which are still in their mortal body form.

Source: Lao News Agency