UNICEF Provides IT Equipment to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Support COVID-19 Response in Laos

UNICEF Lao PDR yesterday handed over equipment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to further strengthen UNICEF’s cooperation with the Government of Lao PDR in promoting children and women’s rights and wellbeing in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Lao PDR.

The equipment,which consist of three sets of teleconference equipment,was handed over in an official ceremony held at MOFA and was attended by Mr. Maythong Thammavongsa, Director General of the International Organization Department and Dr. Pia Rebello Britto, UNICEF Representative to Lao PDR.

“With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic globally, the need to provide information and raise awareness about COVID-19 prevention and control measures and hygiene practices has become increasingly vital in addressing the impacts of the pandemic on both children and women. The equipment provided will therefore contribute towards strengthening the coordination of work between the Government of Lao PDR and UNICEF, alongside other development partners within the country as well asinternationally. Moreover, the equipment will also help adapt our working partnership to the new-normal conditions imposed by the pandemic,” said Mr. Maythong Thammavongsa, Director General of the International Organization Department.

In addition, three sets of teleconference equipment will each be provided to the Lao Front for National Development (LFND), the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICT) and the Lao National Radio (LNR).

Furthermore, UNICEF will also provide MOFA, LFND, MICT and LNR with Zoom licenses to enable them to use the cloud-based video conferencing service to host large-sized online meetings as a means of addressing the social distancing challenges associated with organizing large-scale in-person meetings.

All of the equipment provided were procured by UNICEF with funding support from the Australian Government via the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

“It is my sincerest hopethat Australia’s contribution will helpensure MOFA can continue the vitalwork they are doingdespitethe challenging conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made face-to-facemeetings and conferences especially difficult to organise. We will continue working closely with UNICEF and our partners to support the Government of Lao PDR’s COVID-19 response,” said Ms. Anna Dyason, First Secretary, Australian Embassy, Lao PDR.

Source: Lao News Agency