Wemade Holds Various Events to Celebrate the 600th Day of MIR4 Service

Offers abundant gifts including”Legendary Blue Dragon Statue”and”Epic Divine Dragon’s Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone”Unveils the powerful Hell Raid boss,”Blood-crazed Oddevil”Seoul, South Korea (ANTARA/BusinessWire)- Wemade’s blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 is holding events starting from April 18th to celebrate the 600th day of official live service. First, the “Golden Cherry Blossom 14-day Check-in” event will be held until May 15th. Users can receive various rewards including “Legendary Blue Dragon Statue” and “Epic Divine Dragon’s Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone” just by logging in to the game during the event period. “Dreamfly’s Cherry Blossom Exchange Shop” will be open until May 1st. Users can bring “Cherry Blossom” items obtained from hunting monsters to the NPC “600th Day Dreamfly,” located in a big city to exchange with items such as “Epic Dragon Material Mystic Chest,” Codex Badge item “Rare Golden Cherry Blossom,” and more. In addition, the “Divine Dragon’s Surprise Gift” event will be held for two days after the update. Users can obtain various Summon Tickets and items such as “Divine Dragon’s Surprise Gift Box,” which will be helpful in hunting, just by logging in to the game six times each day at a designated time. MIR4 also updated “Blood-crazed Oddevil” as the fourth stage of “Hell Raid,” a hard mode Boss Raid content. Only characters of level 160 or higher can enter this raid. Users must defeat various monsters and the final boss within an even shorter time limit to receive great rewards. The more party members participate, the easier it will be to defeat the boss. From My Battle, To Our War! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on theofficial website. Contacts Wemade Co., Ltd. (112040: KOSDAQ) Jennifer Jung, PR Manager jennifer@wemade.com Source: Wemade Co., Ltd.

Source: Antara News Agency