Working around Apple’s defi browser removal, $USELESS Crypto creates a tool that renders Pancake Swap Useless

Useless Swap

Send BNB Smart Chain to the QR code and receive Useless in your Metamask or Trust Wallet!

OREM, Utah, Aug. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of attempting to buy alt coins in Trust Wallet with an iPhone, you’ll know the process is lengthy and frustrating, involving a special defi browser and a dApp like Pancake Swap or UniSwap. But the Useless Crypto team has created a “Useless Swapper” contract to cut out the middleman, which is especially helpful now that iOS users have been blocked from using the in-app defi browser option. Instead of the 8 step process, the Useless Swapper allows you to send BNB Smart Chain out, and immediately receive Useless crypto in return. No headache required.

With an average of 4 Million daily transactions on the Binance Smart Chain to buy and trade tokens like Useless Crypto, this is more than double the amount on Ethereum’s network, in part because of BSC’s cost-effective gas fees and smart contracts like the Useless Swapper that are so easily integrated. But Apple’s decision that forced Trust Wallet to disable the dApp browser to comply with App Store Guidelines could hinder existing holders from buying alt coins, and frustrate new buyers out of their intended purchases, limiting the space’s growth.

The creation of the Useless Swapper is unique to the token and the defi/dApp space. By simply sending Binance Smart Chain to the address 0x2d72aAb6d81E8EE681430C13850bD77585F222Cb with enough Smart Chain left in your wallet allocated for gas fees, you quickly receive Useless deposited directly into your crypto wallet. This also works on metamask if you don’t prefer Trust Wallet. With the ability to avoid using a frustrating dApp in the middle of your token swap, Useless and their development of dApps and upcoming app ecosystem is starting to prove the only thing Useless about this token is their name.

$USELESS continues to gain traction with more than 3300 holders since launching in mid June 2021, and was listed on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko mid July. Doxxed members of the corporate entity controlling the Multi-Signature wallet can be found on the token’s website,

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Jacqueline Dutton
Marketing Director