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On the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr

On behalf of the U.S. Department of State, I extend my best wishes to our Muslim friends and partners celebrating Eid al-Fitr.This holiday marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting, charity, compassion, and reflection. Eid al-Fitr reminds all of us ...Read More

Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting With Chinese Officials Including ...

The below is attributable to Spokesperson Heather Nauert:On his first trip to China as U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo met with President Xi Jinping, Politburo Member Yang Jiechi, and Foreign Minister and State Councilor Wang Yi in Beijing on June...Read More

Conviction of Maldives Supreme Court Justices and Former President

The United States is deeply dismayed by reports that former Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, and Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed have been sentenced to prison without being afforded necessary procedu...Read More

Remarks With Korean President Moon Jae-in Before Their Meeting

PRESIDENT MOON: (Via interpreter.) Mr. Secretary, I'd like to welcome you on your first visit to Korea since assuming the office of the Secretary of State. Well, I would like to congratulate you for successfully holding an historic U.S.-North Korea summit as well as for adopting a very meaningful joint statement between Chairman Kim and President Trump.

Well, there may be very conflicting views regarding the outcome of the summit, but nevertheless, I believe that the most important factor is that through this successful summit that you have been able to put all the � the people of the whole world, including the United States, South Korea, and Japan, from the fear of war � a nuclear war and � as well as the long-range missiles. So in this way I believe it was very successful. And I believe that the summit was a truly historic feat which moved us from the era of hostility towards the era of dialogue, of peace, and of prosperity.

Well, I appreciate the fact that President Trump gave me a phone call on board the Air Force One straight after the summit to share the (inaudible) outcome of the summit meeting with me. And now that you are here in spite of great fatigue to come and share the outcome for me to witness, I very much appreciate it.

And today I look forward to discussing with you, Mr. Secretary, among the outcome of the meeting, the � our respective evaluation of the meeting as well as how we could fully and expeditiously implement this great agreement in the days to come.

SECRETARY POMPEO: (Inaudible). Thank you so much for hosting me here. It's wonderful to make this the very first stop and completely appropriate here at Blue House just hours after the completion of the Singapore summit.

It's exceptionally long (inaudible), but we could not have accomplished it without the work that you did (inaudible), the conversations that you had. The summits that you had helped to set the course, set the foundation for the opportunity for President Trump and Chairman Kim to meet and (inaudible).

And so all that remains is a great deal of work to do, but I look forward to doing it together to ultimately bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. I am confident that we took a very good, significant step in Singapore and that our efforts, the U.S. efforts, and the efforts of the people of the Republic of Korea will enable it to achieve its objective over the coming weeks and months.

PRESIDENT MOON: Thank you very much.

Source: U.S. State Department.

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Funding for the Syrian Civil Defense and UN International Impartial ...

The President has authorized the United States Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of State to release approximately $6.6 million for the continuation of the vital, life-saving operations of the Syrian Civil Defense, more commo...Read More