USA to Battle France in the Historic 2024 Paris Games Polo Challenge, Presented by U.S. Polo Assn.

The Thrilling Equestrian Event Will Take Place on Aug. 7 and be Broadcast on ESPN

PARIS, FRANCE AND WEST PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2024 / U.S. Polo Assn., the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), and the Polo Club du Domaine Chantilly are proud to present the Paris Games Polo Challenge 2024, a tribute match between USA and France taking place on August 7. The Paris Games Polo Challenge will be open to the public and will air on ESPN2 to a global audience.

With the 2024 Summer Olympics taking place in Paris from July through August and equestrian events concluding on August 6 at Versailles, U.S. Polo Assn. invites sports fans to continue the equestrian celebration with polo, just 40 minutes outside Paris city center at the Polo Club du Domaine Chantilly. Chantilly is the home of the Great Stables of Prince de Conde and Chateau de Chantilly, and is, of course, the namesake of Chantilly lace, the famous silk laces that date back to 17th century France.

In partnership with the Federation of International Polo (FIP), the Federation Française de Polo (FFP) and the USPA, this historic match is the centennial celebration and tribute to the last time France hosted the Olympics, exactly 100 years ago. France will be seeking redemption at the Paris Games Polo Challenge 2024 for the VIII Olympiad which were held in Paris for the second time in the modern era. On June 28, 1924, in St. Cloud, France, and before the official opening ceremony, the match between the United States and France began. It ended with France losing 15-1. USA concluded the overall tournament with the silver medal, having lost to Argentina, who remained unbeaten and took home Olympic gold. The last Olympics to include polo was held in 1936 in Berlin, Germany.

As the Title and Apparel Sponsor, U.S. Polo Assn. will be providing apparel for USA and France Teams with performance jerseys, practice jerseys, and an assortment of U.S. Polo Assn. custom-designed country apparel to wear off the field, featuring the global sports brand’s iconic double horsemen logo. The USA Team will be wearing custom USPA Pro whites. U.S. Polo Assn. is also providing saddle pads, as well as groom and staff outfitting for the Polo Club du Domaine Chantilly. VIP gifts for the event will include event limited edition Paris Games Polo Challenge 2024 caps, t-shirts, scarves and pocket squares, as well as branded duffle bags.

"U.S. Polo Assn. is honored to be part of such an historic and celebratory polo event at the beautiful Polo Club du Domaine Chantilly, alongside the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics," said J. Michael Prince, President & CEO of USPA Global, the company that manages and markets the multi-billion-dollar U.S. Polo Assn. brand. "This event brings FIP, FFP and the USPA together for only the second time in 100 years of history, making this tribute game a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone that attends."

Polo Club du Domaine Chantilly will also be hosting two other high goal polo tournaments this summer, the Polo Nations Cup from June 13 – 23, and the French Open for men and women from September 4-22. These events are also open to the public.

"The French Polo Federation is extremely honored to welcome the Paris Games Polo Challenge to our country during the summer of the Paris Olympic Games 2024, with the support of FIP, the USPA and U.S. Polo Assn. at the prestigious Polo Club de Chantilly, headquarters of the French Polo Federation," said Jean-Edouard Mazery, President of the French Polo Federation. "This is a unique step for the French national team to play the USA Team during the Paris Olympic Games 2024, and a tremendous opportunity to develop a program for our French national team and promote our sport."

About U.S. Polo Assn. and USPA Global

U.S. Polo Assn. is the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing body for the sport of polo in the United States and one of the country’s oldest sports governing bodies, founded in 1890. With a multi-billion-dollar global footprint and worldwide distribution through more than 1,100 U.S. Polo Assn. retail stores as well as thousands of additional points of distribution, U.S. Polo Assn. offers apparel, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children in more than 190 countries worldwide. A recent, multi-year deal with ESPN to broadcast several of the premier polo championships in the world, sponsored by U.S. Polo Assn., has made the thrilling sport accessible to millions of sports fans globally for the very first time.

U.S. Polo Assn. has consistently been named one of the top global sports licensors alongside the NFL, NBA, and MLB, according to License Global. In addition, the sport-inspired brand is being recognized around the world with awards for global growth, expansion, licensing, and digital growth. Due to its tremendous success as a global brand, particularly in the last five years, U.S. Polo Assn. has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Modern Retail, and GQ as well as on Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg, among many other noteworthy media sources around the world.

For more information, visit and follow @uspoloassn. 

USPA Global is a subsidiary of the USPA and manages the global, multi-billion-dollar U.S. Polo Assn. brand. Through its subsidiary, Global Polo Entertainment (GPE), USPA Global also manages Global Polo TV, which provides sports and lifestyle content. For more sports content, visit

About The Federation of International Polo

The Federation of International Polo (FIP) is the international federation representing the sport of polo, officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The FIP was founded in 1982 by representatives of eleven national polo associations, and it represents the national polo associations of more than 80 countries. Its principal aim is to enhance the international image and status of polo.

In addition to organizing international tournaments, the FIP develops international tournaments for children, conducts umpiring and coaching seminars, encourages participation in the sport at all levels and ages, and makes the international rules of polo through a cooperative agreement with the Asociación Argentina de Polo, the Hurlingham Polo Association of Great Britain and Ireland, and the United States Polo Association (USPA). Visit

About the French Federation of Polo (FFP)

The Fédération Française de Polo (FFP) was created to make polo accessible to all, to promote the sport throughout France and to support the common interests of its member clubs in every way possible. The FFP organizes national and international polo competitions and championships, sets the technical rules for competitions by harmonizing them with foreign rules, and organizes the training and teaching of the equestrian discipline. Today, the FFP has over 30 affiliated clubs and more than 800 players within its organization. For more information, please visit

About the United States Polo Association® (USPA)

The United States Polo Association (USPA) was organized and exists for the purposes of promoting the game of polo, coordinating the activities of its Member Clubs and Registered Players, arranging and supervising polo tournaments, competitions, and games, and providing rules, handicaps, and conditions for those tournaments, competitions, and games, including the safety and welfare of participants and mounts. Founded in 1890, the USPA is the national governing body for the sport of polo. The USPA is currently comprised of almost 200 member clubs with thousands of individual members and oversees 40 national tournaments. For more information, please visit

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Stacey Kovalsky
VP Global PR and Communications

Shannon Stilson
VP, Sports Marketing & Media

SOURCE: USPA Global Licensing Inc.


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Lithuanian Biotech Pioneer ‘Nando’ Embarks on Global Expansion With New Management Team and Innovative Production Line

"Nando", a leading Lithuanian-owned biotechnology company known for its groundbreaking work in developing microbiological products for agriculture, that helped to save up to 50M on fertilisers, announces a significant bolstering of its management team and an ambitious expansion of its biotechnological production line. This move is set to position "Nando" not just as a leader in Lithuania but as a formidable player on the international stage.

KAUNAS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2024 / In a strategic enhancement of its management team, "Nando" welcomes four seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience from reputable organizations. Gytis Kubilius, with a solid background in management at "SEB" and "Citadele" banks; Mindaugas Navickas, previously International Sales Manager at "Teltonika Networks"; Arūnas Jusas, former General Manager at "Timac AGRO"; and Giedrė Mockienė, who served as HR Manager at UAB "Yara", are now integral parts of "Nando’s" leadership, aiming to spearhead ambitious development projects.

To cater to the surging demand for microbiological alternatives to mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, "Nando" has invested about €3 million in a unique biotechnology line. This investment boosts production volume, enhances productivity, and ensures competitive pricing to meet the escalating market demand. With a technology that is currently patent-pending, "Nando" exports to over 20 countries, including Great Britain, Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Romania and beyond.

Justinas Taruška, CEO of "Nando", stated, "Our main goal is to feature a highly automated biotechnological production line. This will not only elevate the agro-biotechnology sector’s value in Lithuania but also accelerate sustainable and economically viable agricultural technologies across Europe and other continents." The new production line is renowned for its unique microorganism purification technology, a rarity in the entire Baltic region. It promises an efficient production of stable, high-yield microbiological products in powder form, a technology with limited competition.

The inclusion of new management members, with their extensive international experience, underscores "Nando’s" commitment to employee development and its focus on penetrating foreign markets, including Europe, North and South America, Asian and Africa countries. This strategic move coincides with the launch of the new production line for microbiological products.

Founded in 2007, "Nando" stands at the forefront of the biotech industry, developing and manufacturing microbiological products and chemical additives for agriculture. With one of Northern Europe’s leading R&D centers and partnerships with global research institutions, "Nando" has introduced over 50 innovative products, vital to the agro, livestock. Currently, the company is intensifying its export activities, with operations spanning over 20 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asian and Africa. The "Nando Group" proudly employs more than 50 professionals dedicated to advancing global biotechnology solutions.

Contact Information:

Milda Gauliene
Marketing specialist



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Mastering the AI Revolution: MetaHomes Ushers Intelligent AI Features into Real Estate Amidst Dubai’s Booming Market

Boasting a seamless online real estate platform, backed by innovative tools like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, MetaHomes sets new standards for excellence

DUBAI, ARAB EMIRATES / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2024 / The global real estate landscape is on the cusp of revolution, driven by artificial intelligence (AI). While headlines often focus on booming markets like Dubai (and for good reason), a quieter storm is brewing, poised to transform how we buy, sell, rent and manage property, ushering in an era of unprecedented efficiency and personalization.

Mastering the AI Revolution: MetaHomes Ushers Intelligent AI Features into Real Estate Amidst Dubai’s Booming Market

It is no doubt that Dubai’s real estate market has become a global phenomenon. Visionary infrastructure development projects like Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Museum of the Future, Palm Jebel Ali and the iconic Burj Khalifa stand as testaments to the city’s commitment to progress. This, coupled with a robust economy and a safe bubble index (according to Statista), has attracted investors, fueling a vibrant real estate ecosystem.

The city’s relentless growth, with a staggering 19.3% property value increase in Q1 2024 compared to the same period last year, presents a unique opportunity for innovation and sustained growth. Developers are responding by launching new projects at an unprecedented pace, with a new one hitting the market every 17 hours according to Allsop & Allsop. As the city continues to solidify its position as a global hub for real estate expansion, investment and innovation, the spotlight shines brightly on MetaHomes, a prominent online real estate marketplace that offers a comprehensive suite of services for all, including real estate investors, developers, and agents.

The platform uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze millions of data points from various sources, such as property listings, images, videos, and customer feedback. Based on these analyses, MetaHomes provides valuable insights and recommendations that help customers make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and maximize returns. Luxury apartments and villas for rent, including furnished apartments, and commercial properties like retail and offices for rent are some of the properties available on MetaHomes.

In a statement, MetaHomes’ CEO, Jerry Wu, said: "We believe that AI is the future and we are committed to providing our clients with the best-in-class technology that can help them achieve their goals. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, flexible, and scalable, so that it can adapt to any market conditions and customer needs. We are confident that our platform will revolutionize the real estate industry and set new standards for excellence."

The global real estate market presents a complex picture, with investors hungry for data insights. Navigating this dynamic terrain requires the need for innovative tools such as virtual reality facilities. With a rising tide of a tech-driven future championed by MetaHomes, the stage is set for an era of unprecedented growth and innovation in the real estate market.

Zohaib Pervaiz

Contact Information

Zohaib Pervaiz
PR Specialist

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Conical hats perpetuate traditional crafting spirit of Phu Chau village

The craft of making ‘non la’ (conical hats) in Phu Chau commune (Ba Vi district, Hanoi) began in 1939 when a young woman from Chuong village named Pham Thi Nhan, who had married and moved to the commune, brought the craft from her hometown and passed it on to everyone. Since then, the craft of making conical hats has become an integral part of the lives of the people in Phu Chau village. It is no longer merely a means of making a living but, above all, the crafting spirit of the community. Men, women, the elderly, children, daughters, and sons all learn how to make conical hats. During leisure time, people in different households often gather together to make hats, strengthening the bonds of the village community. The image of the simple conical hat is not just a tool for sheltering from rain and sun, but it contains a treasure trove of historical and cultural value of the people in this area. Each hat is filled with the affection and passion of many generations who have diligently preserved the craft left b
ehind by their ancestors.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Antique to introduce Sibalom Natural Park as ecotourism destination

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA: Antique will officially introduce its Sibalom Natural Park as an ecotourism destination in the southern part of the province on May 10.

Republic Act 11038 declared SNP a natural park. It extends to 18 villages of Sibalom, including Mt. Porras in Barangay Imparayan, and covers an area of 6,778.44 hectares.

SNP Protected Area deputy superintendent Joery Oczon said in an interview Tuesday that they will provide forest tours, serve food and beverages, and offer a community experience distinct to the area.

‘The tour-guiding, housekeeping, customer service, and other skills required by tourists will be done by the trained Bantay Gubat (Forest Guardian) volunteers,’ he said.

He said the opening the park as an ecotourism destination is an offshoot of the tour-guiding and community-based ecotourism development training conducted by the United Nations Development Program-Biodiversity Finance Initiative (UNDP-BIOFIN) in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DEN
R) since 2022.

The UNDP-BIOFIN and DENR identified the SNP as a recipient of its ecotourism product development training, being home to the wildlife Visayan warty pig, tarictic hornbill, Walden’s hornbill and spotted deer.

‘The world’s largest flower Rafflesia speciosa grows in the SNP aside from the boulders of gemstones,’ Oczon said.

The Rafflesia speciosa is considered the world’s largest flower because it can expand up to 56 centimeters in diameter when in full bloom.

SNP has ready amenities such as picnic tables, gazebos, and cottages to cater to families and organizations wanting to hold their meetings or stay overnight stay.

‘Bantay Gubat volunteers will entertain tourists and visitors with local songs and dance,’ he said.

Local dishes such as native chicken dishes porbida (cooked in alupidan leaves) and papisik (stuffed with tomato, onions, and garlic cooked on a clay pot and firewood) that won in the 24th SNP anniversary cooking competition on April 23 will be served.

Rafflesia, a concoction o
f fruits growing within the area, will serve as signature drink.

He said Bantay Gubat volunteers are now putting up their makeshift reception and orientation facility made of bamboo and coconut leaves, among other preparations for the launch.

‘We envision the SNP to soon become a world-class ecotourism site after its launching,’ Oczon said.

Source: Philippines News Agency

Northern Samar seeks PCG help to check passing foreign vessels

CATARMAN: The local government of Mapanas, Northern Samar, has asked the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to increase its presence in their town for the surveillance of foreign ships after the recent spotting of a Chinese research vessel nearby.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Mapanas Mayor Ronn Michael Tejano said the presence of PCG will help them get updates on the passage of any foreign vessel with suspicious activities.

‘We are also appealing to capacitate us to monitor our sea, especially with more foreign vessels passing near the Pacific towns of Northern Samar,’ Tejano said.

On the night of April 28, a Chinese-flagged research vessel was seen slowly moving approximately 78 nautical miles northeast off Mapanas town.

The mayor said fishermen don’t have actual sightings of any foreign vessels since the area is very far from our shorelines. Local fishermen can only reach up to 15 kilometers from the shore.

‘If there are incidents like this, we hope there’s a Coast Guard monitoring vessel for easy repor
ting,’ the mayor added.

PCG Northern Samar station deputy commander Ensign Bryhl Amay told reporters that the Chinese vessel was on a very slow speed.

‘We have no capability to get close to the site since we don’t have floating assets. We just conducted a security patrol and inquired from fishermen,’ Amay said.

The PCG in Eastern Visayas has only one ship — the BRP Capones that was acquired from Japan in 2017 — and is most often in Ormoc City, where its regional headquarters is situated.

Mapanas is a fifth-class town in Northern Samar with a population of 14,234 people, with about 3,000 families mainly dependent on fishing.

The fishing grounds of the Pacific towns in Northern Samar serve as breeding places for various species like Spanish mackerel, grouper, tuna, big-eyed scad, herring, anchovies, salmon, round scad, and siganids, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Source: Philippines News Agency