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Conical hats perpetuate traditional crafting spirit of Phu Chau village

The craft of making ‘non la’ (conical hats) in Phu Chau commune (Ba Vi district, Hanoi) began in 1939 when a young woman from Chuong village named Pham Thi Nhan, who had married and moved to the commune, brought the craft from her hometown and passed it on to everyone. Since then, the craft of making conical hats has become an integral part of the lives of the people in Phu Chau village. It is no longer merely a means of making a living but, above all, the crafting spirit of the community. Men, women, the elderly, children, daughters, and sons all learn how to make conical hats. During leisure time, people in different households often gather together to make hats, strengthening the bonds of the village community. The image of the simple conical hat is not just a tool for sheltering from rain and sun, but it contains a treasure trove of historical and cultural value of the people in this area. Each hat is filled with the affection and passion of many generations who have diligently preserved the craft left b
ehind by their ancestors.

Source: Vietnam News Agency