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ADB Funding Helps Improve Road Access To Chom Ong Cave

(KPL) The Asian Development Bank � ADB � has provided a financial grant of 9 million US dollars to improve road access to Chom Ong Cave, one of many well-known attractions in Xay district, Oudomxay Province.

One year of construction has passed, the upgrade of the 56-km road section is now 10 per cent completed. It is expected to be fully completed in December 2019

Once fully improved, the road will better facilitate transportation and travel of tourists to and from Chom Ong Cave, said Mr Thaviphet Oula, Deputy Director, Department of Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

The road between the Xay district administration centre and Ban Chom Ong is mainly hilly with 24 km of the road section paved and over 20 km unpaved, Mr Thongkhan Sengsoulixay, a villager of Chom Ong and responsible for Tourism sector of Chom Ong village.

I would like to invite tourists to visit Chom Ong Cave because it is the largest cave in Laos, if not in Asia. There is a lot of limestone. Inside the cave, some stones look like animals like tigers, birds, fish,said Mr Thongkhan.

Chom Ong Cave is known to local people as Tham Chia or Bat Cave in English as locals traditionally hunt bats in the cave for food and exploit guano, which can be used as fertilizer, explosive agent or gunpowder.

Source: Lao News Agency