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Five Miners Killed, Two Wounded As Landslides Hit Central Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Five bodies have been retrieved from the affected areas and two others sustained injuries, after landslides hit a diamond mine, in South Kalimantan province of central Indonesia, a disaster agency official said here.The disaster to...Read More

Statement On Prior Consultation Process For Pak Lay Agreed

(KPL) The MRC member countries Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam agreed on Apr 4 a statement on the prior consultation process for the proposed Pak Lay hydropower project, as the members concluded the six-month prior consultation process.They al...Read More

African Billionaire Rebuts Idea of Migration Flood in Europe

JOHANNESBURG The migration of Africans to Europe and North America should be viewed as a positive phenomenon, not a threat, Sudan-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim said Sunday.Experts said at a weekend conference hosted by Ibrahim's foundation in Abidjan, ...Read More

Philippines: 1 Abu Sayyaf Hostage Escapes, 1 Drowns, 3rd Shot

MANILA, PHILIPPINES An Indonesian hostage held by Muslim militants in the southern Philippines swam his way to freedom, but another drowned, and a Malaysian was shot in the back while escaping, officials said Saturday.The two Indonesians and the Mala...Read More

China Expected to Keep Its Exact Claim to Disputed Sea a Secret

TAIPEI China is withholding details on the boundaries of its vast claims to a resource-rich sea contested by five other governments because it distrusts international law and wants to ensure control over tracts of water that it considers crucial, mar...Read More