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Country’s full opening plan presented to Prime Minister

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Suansavan Viyaketh has presented to Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh a plan on preparation for the full opening of the country to visitors, business people, investors and ordinary people wishing to enter or leave the Lao PDR from May 1, 2022 for his consideration.

At a meeting on the preparation for the full opening of the country on Apr 26, representatives of government sectors and business community agreed on the guidance of the government on the full opening of the country to foreign visitors.

Under the proposed plan, the Lao PDR will fully open to foreign visitors, including those traveling through and not through tour agents provided that they hold a certificate proving either they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for at least 14 days before their trip or they used to be infected with Covid-19.

Travelers younger than 18 years old can enter the Lao PDR without vaccination certificates.

Visitors with certificates proving they are full vaccinated and children under five are not required to take RT-PCR test before entering the Lao PDR.

Those without vaccination certificates are required to have RT-PCR test certificates 72 hours before their departure for the Lao PDR.

Once arriving in the Lao PDR, they must take RDT/ATK test.

Trippers who enter the Lao PDR in the morning and return to their homeland in the evening (1-day trippers) must hold vaccination certificates and take RDT/ATK test. Those without such certificates must take RT-PCR test 48 before entering the Lao PDR.

Visitors must purchase health or Covid-19 insurance with a minimum protection of US$10,000, either in their home countries or in the Lao PDR. Once arriving in the Lao PDR, they must take RDT/ATK test conducted by medical professionals.

Visitors whose trips are arranged by tour companies can have samples collected for Covid test and wait for the test results at facilities arranged by the companies.

Visitors traveling individually will need to wait for the test result not more than one hour. If the test result is negative, they can continue with their travel plan.

Those who are not fully vaccinated must quarantine themselves for 7 days even though the RDT/ATK test suggests they are negative to the virus.

While traveling in the Lao PDR, visitors need to wear face masks, keep social distancing, frequently wash hands with soaps or alcohol-based gels, observe their symptoms. If they suspect that they have been infected with Covid-19 or they are at risk of being infected, they must take self test.

If the test results suggest they are infected, they need to notify the hotel or the place where they are staying immediately.

Source: Lao News Agency