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Japan grants US$6.1 m for road repairs in Lao PDR

On December 22, a signing ceremony for “the Exchange of Notes for the Economic and Social Development Plan (Provision of road repair equipment)” was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vientiane.
From December 21 to 23, Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Takei Shunsuke was visiting Laos to exchange views with Lao Party and government leaders on enhancing Laos – Japan bilateral cooperation and to make a field survey of the Japanese assistance situation.
On December 22, an exchange official letter was signed by Mr. Takei Shunsuke, Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Phoxay Khaykhamphithoune, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Laos.
Significant portions of the paved roads in Laos are in need of urgent repair.
The Government of Japan will provide 800 million yen (approximately 6.1 million US dollars or 105.0 billion kip) in grant assistance to support related equipment to repair deteriorated and damaged roads.
The support from Japan is for the introduction of three sets of construction equipment associated with the road stabilizer method.
The construction equipment is expected to include road stabilizers, motor graders, asphalt-spreading trucks, vibratory rollers, pneumatic tire rollers, and water-spreading trucks.
With conventional methods, when repairing a road, the entire asphalt layer is removed, the waste is disposed of, and a new layer is laid down, requiring a lot of time and construction costs.
The construction equipment to be supported in this project will implement new road construction while utilizing existing asphalt, thereby extending the service life of repaired roads, shortening construction periods, reducing construction costs, protecting the environment by reducing road waste, and contributing to the realization of rapid disaster recovery.
This project will first be implemented in the southern region of Laos, with a view to expanding nationwide in the future.
This region is an important transportation hub that connects landlocked Laos with Thailand and Vietnam, and is important for improving east-west connectivity.
This support will not only ensure the comfort and safety of users, but will also contribute to strengthening key logistics routes, which are the artery of Laos’ economic, industrial, and trade development, and improving connectivity with neighboring countries.
In support of the sustainable economic development of the Lao PDR, Japan has long supported the development of high-quality road infrastructure in various parts of Laos, such as the Pakse Bridge, National Route No. 9, and Vientiane National Route NO. 1.
From this perspective, Japan will continue to address the various challenges facing Laos and will continue to vigorously develop various forms of cooperation together to achieve sustainable economic and social development in Laos.

Source: Lao News Agency