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Japan supports improvements of sanitary environment at school in Luang Prabang

The Government of Japan is providing grant assistance worth approximately USD 190,000 for the benefit of students in Luang Prabang through its Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project.

The project supports the construction of toilets and hand washing stations in a total of 2 primary schools in both of Luang Prabang and Phonxay District as well as educational activities to improve knowledge and awareness of how to maintain and manage facilities and school sanitation to improve the educational and sanitary environment.

The grant contract was signed on March 2 between Mr. Kobayashi Kenichi, Ambassador of Japan to the Lao PDR and Ms. Phoutthanaly Thammamixay, Country Manager of Shanti Volunteer Association in Laos.

The contract signing was witnessed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Silinthone Sacklokham, Director General, Department of External Relations, Ministry of Education and Sports.

“The project is to improve hygiene and sanitary situations at target schools in Luang Prabang and Phonxay District, Luang Prabang Province with the involvement of people in both districts that particularly need supports for protecting children’s lives from diseases and ensuring suitable education environment.”

“Under this project, we will improve sanitation facilities and include educational activities to improve knowledge and awareness of school sanitation and how to maintain and manage these facilities safely in the target schools. We will do our best and use all our knowledge, skills, and experience in order to make the project successful and achieve the project goals,” said Ms. Phoutthanaly, Country Manager of Shanti Volunteer Association in Laos.

“Many villages in mountainous areas in the Luang Prabang Province lack sufficient infrastructure. In terms of households having sanitation facilities with access to water and soap, Luang Prabang Province has the third lowest percentage in the country”, said Ambassador Kobayashi.

“We hope these efforts made by Shanti Volunteer Association contribute to improving the sanitary environment in schools while helping children stay safe from infectious diseases and other threats. As such, Japan is proud to support better sanitation at school. This in turn is set to lead to an improvement in children’s school attendance and academic achievements,” he added.

Japan’s Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for economic and social development projects that are voluntarily planned and implemented by Japanese international cooperation NGOs in developing countries and regions including the Lao PDR.

The Government of Japan has provided more than USD 14 million over the past five years to the Lao PDR to support education, health, UXO and other areas. In shared effort to address regional disparities in socioeconomic development, Japan will continue to actively cooperate with NGOs to support initiatives to improve the basic standard of living at grassroots level in the Lao PDR to ensure “No-one is left behind”.

Source: Lao News Agency