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Lao students win four gold medals in the international math competition

Six students of the Lao International School (LIS) have won four gold medals and two congratulation prizes at the 3rd USA Copernicus International Olympiad in New York on July 19-22, according to Ministry of Education and Sports.

LIS’s math teacher, Mr. Hikmet Saisoda, told on August 12 that their students have participated in the 3rd USA Copernicus International Olympiad on July 19-22 in New York, drawing 1,531 students from international schools 26 countries. This is first year that representatives of Laos can pass through the final competition.

Four gold medalists are year three lower secondary school students: Mr. Nonthakan Thipphavong, Ms. Soudsakone Visathip, Mr. Xayarat Raspol and Mr. Yaudanan Banchit (year two secondary school student) and year three lower secondary school students Ms. Alisa Duangkeomani and Mr. Thanasap Thipphavong have received congratulation prizes.

The competition of Copernicus Olympiad is held yearly, which began from January to July with competitions of the physics, astronomy, science, Cyber security and film festival

Source: Lao News Agency