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More Members of the General Public Volunteered to Donate Blood, Centre Reviews

The Blood Transfusion Centre awarded labour medals and certificates of appreciation to the public organizations and every individual blood donor who donated blood to help society last year.

The presentation ceremony of medals and certificates was held at a meeting to review the centre’s activities last year. The meeting was held in Vientiane Capital on Feb 23 in the presence of Vice President of the Lao Red Cross DrSing Menolath.

The medals and certificates were given to recognize the donors and show appreciation for their contribution to helping society by donating blood for patients in need.

“This year, the centre has set the goal of collecting 44,000 bags of blood. We hope to collect 20,000 bags in Vientiane Capital and 24,000 bags from the other provinces,” said DrSing.

In 2016, the centre, under the close supervisor of the Lao Red Cross Society, successfully collected 40,454 bags of blood donated by civil servants, staff of public organizations and private companies nationwide. Some 17,218 bags of blood out of the total amount came from blood donors in Vientiane Capital and the remaining of 22,880 bags of blood came from other provinces.

“We will do our best from now through 2020 to increase the amount of donated blood year on year and hope to bring the total amount to 60,000 bags of blood by 2020,” he said.

Dr. Sing has therefore called on all of the general public to voluntarily donate blood to help society and save lives. He also wants to continue to raise awareness in societyabout the importance of donating blood and thereby mobilize additional donors.

“Last year, many sectors and ministries came to understand the importance of donating blood and as a result, more people volunteered to donate allowing us to exceed our plan,” said Head of Blood Transfusion Centre, Dr Chanthara Souksakhone, who added that the centre has expanded collection services to 20 districts nationwide.

This year, the centre is trying to mobilise additional young volunteers to donate blood, improve public mobilisation methods via mass media as well as improve policy.

Source: Lao News Agency