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NA members ask government to solve currency exchange problems

Members of the National Assembly have proposed a number of ways for the government to speed up addressing currency exchange issues which have become talk of the town for the Lao people.

At the ongoing 3rd Odinary Session of the National Assembly yesterday, Mr. Maniso Samuntis, NA member for Attapeu provincial constituency, urged the government to promote the role of commercial banks and facilitate coordination between the Central Bank and the Banking Association.

He asked the government to allow only commercial banks to provide money exchange services according to rates set by the central bank.

“Many countries in the world do, especially in Vietnam. Only commercial banks are allowed to provide money exchange services,” said Mr Maniso.

Mr. Linkham Duangsavanh, Na member for Vientiane constituency urged the government to consider allowing commercial banks to open more currency exchange booths at their branches across the country.

Source: Lao News Agency