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Op-Ed – Police Minister Nhleko, It’s Time to Recall Ntlemeza – Re-Instate Dramat [analysis]

Criticism and condemnation of those in high office have become somewhat standard in our political life even, the president does it sometimes. But it is, still, rare for a judge sitting in a high court to call a senior police officer a liar.

Rarer still to say that officer is “without honour”. And even rarer to add that he “lacks integrity”. When the subject of this stinging public crucifixion is a police officer who was put in charge of the top investigative unit in the service under questionable circumstances, it suddenly throws into relief what most of us guessed all along. The bid to remove Shadrack Sibiya as Gauteng head of the Hawks, and Anwa Dramat as national head of the Hawks, has been political, underhanded, and altogether wrong.

The backstory to this particular saga has managed to become quite complicated in just three months, even by our warped South African standards. But, in one paragraph:

In November the Constitutional Court ruled that the head of the Hawks could only be suspended or removed through a Parliamentary process. In December, Police Minister Nathi Nhleko suspended Dramat, saying the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), which wins the inaugural…

Source : Daily Maverick