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Vientiane residents urged to celebrate Pi Mai in a thrifty and peaceful manner

The Vientiane Administration Office has issued an order to maintain peace and order during the celebration of Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year B.E 2565 in Vientiane noting that Pi Mai celebration (Apr 14-16) must be in a thrifty, peaceful manner and in line with fine national traditions and Covid-19 prevention and control measures.

Since this year the 16th April falls on Saturday, the government has designated the 13th April as a substitute holiday for Pi Mai Lao celebration.

Dated Mar 31, the order prohibits public and private offices and individuals from organizing festive parties during New Year celebration to prevent Covid-19 spread and to promote thrifty lifestyles.

No concerts, loud music and outdoor entertainment activities, especially nearby temples, tourist sites, food gardens, water parks, resorts, beaches in the Ngum and Mekong rivers, roadsides are allowed to be organized along with Miss Sangkhan contests, Miss Sangkhan Parades, and other mass gatherings.

Splashing each other with coloured, dirty and itchy water, and driving vehicles along the road to splash water at people on roadsides, throwing plastic balls of water at each other are banned.

Wearing girly clothing and behaving in an obscene manner at temples, places of worship and other public places, or drink-driving are also prohibited.

No crackers can be burnt and no loud music can be played to disturb other people.

The order also asks the Vientiane Commerce and Industry Department and district Commerce and Industry offices in Vientiane to inspect and manage goods prices, and impose strict and prompt measures against those hoarding goods and gouging goods prices.

Source: Lao News Agency