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Xai Station opens for cargo transactions

Xay district’s train station was officially inaugurated for cargo transactions, which is a sign that Laos-China railway freight stations have operated all kinds of services.
Laos-China railway has a total of 7 stations as south Vientiane Station, PhonHong, Vangvieng, Luang Prabang, Nateuy, and Xay district, to facilitate the transportation of goods, to help boost the local and regional economy.
Xay district’s station is located in Oudomxay province, in the center of the northern part of Laos, it is both a passenger and cargo station, with a total area of 4,582 square meters, the length of the cargo rail inside the station is 367 meters, and it can work up to 12 cars trunk, and there are three train tracks.
At present, the management staff and operating staff of the cargo transportation station are ready to provide services and the loading equipment, truck weighing machine, fuel filling machine, etc. are ready to fully meet the conditions for the opening of cargo transportation transactions.
Regarding the transportation of goods, the cargo terminal in Xai District is mainly carrying out the delivery of containers at the beginning of the opening of the service, mainly to help promote the export of products, agricultural products, renewable crops and metal ores, etc.

Source: Lao News Agency