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Yao oil tea culture highlighted in an exchange held in Vientiane

On May 19, China International Culture Exchange Association, Chinese Cultural Centre in Laos, and Culture and Tourism Department of China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held a cultural exchange event highlighting the tea culture of the Yao people and beautiful Guangxi.

The event drew many Vientiane residents and foreign and domestic visitors.

Si Lufei and Zhuo Liwei, both are representatives of China national intangible cultural heritage inheritors for oil tea tradition of the Yao people, demonstrated the tradition of Liu Bao tea and oil tea of the Yao people to the participants.

The participants enjoyed an exhibition highlighting Guangxi cultural products, books and music.

“Yao oil tea tradition is a food tradition invented in response to the erratic weather with high humidity, dense fog and changing temperature in mountainous areas of southern China. The tradition dates back to Tang Dynasty (618-907). Today, it becomes a key form of social interaction of the Yao people, and an integral part of wedding ceremony, cremation ceremony and hospitality,” said Zhuo Liwei.

“The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China in cooperation with international organizations, and Chinese diplomatic missions held activities under the theme “Tea for Harmony” in 41 countries around the world on May 21 to celebrate International Tea Day,” said Director of the Chinese Cultural Centre in Laos Li Yiping.

This event also aims to promote relations and mutual understanding between China and the host countries.

Source: Lao News Agency