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Cat causes blackout in parts of Palawan

PUERTO PRINCESA: An unfortunate chain reaction began when a stray cat got electrocuted inside a major power plant, causing a blackout in this city and seven other municipalities early Monday morning.

Maria Janelle Rebusada, an information officer for the Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO), said the feline intruder short-circuited the Palawan Power Generation Incorporated (PPGI) plant in Narra town around 4:46 a.m., causing it to shut down.

She explained that the cat’s body managed to bridge the gap between the live wire and the transformer’s base, resulting in the disruptive short circuit.

‘A short circuit can occur, when, for example, the cat’s paw touches the live wire while its hind leg or tail makes contact with the transformer. The live wire and the transformer bushing are several inches away from each other but apparently, the cat’s body was long enough to bridge the gap,” she lamented.

This unexpected occurrence cascaded across four other power plants in the province — Delta P of the Delta P, I
nc., DMCI Aborlan of the DMCI Power Corporation (DPC), DMCI Narra, and PPGI Puerto Princesa, leading to the plants tripping one after the other, Rebusada added.

Efforts to restore power service to affected areas started as early as 6:08 a.m., according to the Paleco official.

As of this writing, electricity has already been restored in the provincial capital.

Source: Philippines News Agency